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Start Of Third Week

So its the start of the third week, and Im still breaking out. While my inflamed acne has mostly gone away, the noninflamed whiteheads around my chin area keep becoming painful pimples, which i hope means the medication is working. Ive been trying to avoid going out because I think my face looks bad with the red marks and pimples but im taking a summer class three days a weeks and I just got a job so i cant really avoid going outside. Also sometimes I pop the pimples which i know im not supposed to do but i have started to let most of them go. The side effects of the meidication isnt too bad right now. My chin area is still slightly red and my skin gets flaky around there but its not as bad as last week.





First Update

Well its been five days and Im starting to see the medication take effect. I think Im beginning to get the IB. Some of my non inflamed acne became big pimples and i feel more coming. Most of the pimples are occuring below my mouth and near the chin. I had one spot where there was three big pimples all next to each other and it hurt like hell and left a pretty big redmark. Also my nose has a few small pimples. Some of my skin is turning red, peeling and a little burning, too but its not that bad. The acanya definitely dries out the pimples, but the pimple heads turn hard and stay there for a couple days. I had to go off Ziana because my insurance didnt cover it, but my derm prescribed me tretinoin cream .05%.




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First Day

So this is my first post so ill give some info about myself. Im male, 18 and just finished my first year of college. I never really had bad acne until this past month. Before I only had one or two pimples and some blackheads/noniflamed acne, but now my noninflamed acne is flaring up and turning into small pimples as well as big painful pimples. Most of my problems occur on near my chin, lips, back and many blackheads on my nose. I also have some clogged pores on my forehead. I went to the dermatologist today and she prescribed me acanya in the morning and ziana at night. She gave me step by step directions and my regimen will be this. Morning: Cleanse with cerave gentle facial cleanser, moisturize with cerave AM with spf, and then apply acanya. Night: Cleanse again, wait 15 minutes apply neutogena oil free moisturizer wait a few minutes then put on ziana. I think she wants me to moisturize first because the products are strong and this will help with irritation. Im dreading the IB because it seems almost everyone gets it and Im taking a summer class in two weeks and my parents want me to find a job. I cant stand when I go out with pimples on my face but I guess ill just have to man up and deal with it. Anyway Ill try to update this every couple of days or maybe every week. Feel free to comment and I will try to respond back as soon as possible.




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