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My 14 year olds journey on Accutane

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My 14 Year Old Daughter's Accutane Journey

Hi Everyone, I wanted to start this blog to help mom's like me try to make the decision about having your child use accutane. My 13 year old daughter had moderate acne on her face, back and chest. After three different antibiotics and several topical medications and A LOT of research we decided to go the accutane route. My daughter started taking accutane almost 2 months ago. The first month she was on 20mg a day(10mg in the morning and 10mg at night) On this dose she had very minimal side effects which included dry eyes, and mildly dry skin and lips. She also complained of a little back pain and she didn't have much of an appetite. All of her symptoms were managed easily by drinking lots and lots of water, eye drops and applying moisterizer in the morning and night and lots of chap stick. She did not have a very bad initial breakout at all, in fact her skin looked a lot better by the end of the month. Her doctor upped her dosage to 40mg (20 in morning and 20 at night) for the second month. Her symptoms didn't get any worse except she did get a little bit more active pimples on week 6 on her chest and forehead. Her lips did get a lot dryer but managed by using more chapstick. She also complained about her back a little bit more but it wasn't so bad that she couldn't continue doing her normal activities( dance and gymnastics). In less than a week she will have completed 2 months of her course. All I can say is so far so good.




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