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Using this to give/receive advice and just share my experience with Accutane. Started on April 16, 2013.

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Week Sevenish: Follow Up

To follow up with my complaints about the side-effects: IT IS WORTH THE SUFFERING. My post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation is fading faster than ever, break outs clear up quickly, and my skin is looking much better! About the side-effects: after an allergic-type breakout on my arm, I use eczema lotion and its gone in two days. If I put on Augaphor lip treatment in the morning after a shower my lips stay fine for most of the day, and continuous moisturizing helps that and dry skin. Still yet to experience the sunburn sensitivity.





Week Sevenish: Future Users Be Warned

Week Sevenish: Wow. I can see an improvement in acne. However, the most dramatic changes are the side-effects. I thought that they were over-exaggerated and would be minor nuisances. I'll start with a frequent one: dry lips. They have become so chapped I can't move them in the . morning without excruciating pain. They cut deeply and no matter how often or how much aquaphor or chapstick you apply, they are very uncomfortable and very noticeable. Next, I get lots of dryness on my face around my nose and lips that quickly returns after moisturization. Last, and most rare, I get terrible rash-like outbreaks on my arms infrequently that appear almost instantly and are very unappealing and irritable. Low quality pics included if anyone has suggestions. Appear more inflamed in person.




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Week Two Reactions To Accutane

About two weeks have gone by since I started Accutane, and I've noticed a few obvious reactions to it. I have the usual very chapped lips all the time, with mild dry skin. However, I recently, and quickly, developed lots and lots of bumps and scrape/cut like marks on my arms and almost up towards my shoulders. They are all over my arms and hands and, while not painful, are unattractive and bothersome. I called the dermatologist and am waiting to go see him. Anyone else with similar reactions?




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Day 1

Day 1: Just picked up first prescription (30 pills) at the pharmacy. Not name brand. Came home, took first- big- pill at 5:30 pm on empty stomach. Not sure dosage, will check later. Previously been prescribed on 10% BP once a day in the morning and topical isotretinoin once a day at night. Okay results over about 2 or 3. Scarring is my main problem, especially on cheeks ; everything always scars regardless. Topical iso reduced the size and darkness/redness of them a little but definitely did not make them disappear. No big pimples or acne, but I have recently broken out in little bumps on the sides of face and around nose. Some pics attached of my skin on the first day of Accutane. I have very oil skin, gets lot of sun, etc. Any advice will always be appreciated.




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