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My Acne Journey

hello everyone. I am new to acne. org but I'm excited to share my thoughts and experiences with you guys. I have suffered with acne since I was in the 6th grade. and it has been HELL. In the beggining, during middle school, I would just treat my acne with over the counter products and spot treatment gels. I have pobably used every single brand there is out there. Nothing but a waste of money in my opinion. My acne was super stubborn and it was a nightmare once I started breaking out in cysts. It was my junior year in highschool when I finally had enough and begged my parents to just take me to a dermatologist. When I got there, the doctor treated me by injecting some cortizone into my cysts and the swelling went down in a matter of hours. He put me on some antibiotics and gave me a prescription for some retin-a gel. He also said from looking at my skin, I should probably go on accutane but he said he was a firm believer in not prescribing accutane to his patients because of the dangerous side affects. So he only prescribed the pills and retin-a gel for a few months. no improvement what so ever. if anything, i was even more depressed. over the past few years, my mom has taken me to numerous skin care clinics where they give you facials by doing extractions and putting masks on my face. it did seem like my acne was getting better because i was going to get these facials almost every week, they were able to smooth out my face by doing all those extractions. BAD IDEA. it was just a temporary solution to treat my acne but left me with the most disgusting ice pink scars ever. 2 years ago while i was finishing up college, I took matters into my own hands and made an appointment with another dermatologist. During my first appointment with her, I told her I really wanted to go on accutane. She was definitely a fan of accutane and encouraged me to go on it. but before she could prescribe me accutane she put me on other things first to see if this would help. antibiotics, duac, retin-a..........that was annoying but whatever nothing worked. so after a few months she finally cracked and said "okay lets do this, accutane it is!" i was excited and scared at the same time. she told me that there may be a chance that my acne would come back but very minimally. I went on accutane for about 5 months and it was the BEST decision I had ever made in my life. It's been 2 years since I got off of accutane and as i still do have very small breakouts here and there usually around before I start my period, I'm so glad I went on it. no more cystic acne! and it also helped a little bit with my very oily skin. I'm left with all these scars and I wanted to get a procedure done to help with my scars. So I just got the exoderm done a few days ago. Hopefully, I will love the results. I'll be pleased with even a 40-50% improvement. The procedure is a deep chemical peel. The first day is where they put on the exoderm solution on your face. they tape you up so the solution can soak into your skin for a day. then second day, they do an abrasion on your skin then put a yellow/greenish powder all over your face where it becomes a hard mask. on the 8th day, the mask comes off. So the down side is the recovery process right now. It's been really hard having to stay inside. my face is really swollen and my eyes are really watery. I cannot wait until the swelling goes down. ahhhhhh The reason why i chose exoderm to treat my scars is because I was able to meet 3 to 4 people who have had this done and their results look amazing. they all told me the recovery process was a night mare but that it was truly all worth it. I'm going to be posting more entries and updating you guys about my condition. feel free to leave any questions. I'd be more than happy to answer any of your questions.




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Exoderm Update #1

People who have had exoderm done to treat their scars all have had nothing but great things to say when it came to their satisfaction level of how much it has improved their scars. BUT they all told me the same thing....recovery time is a nightmare! and OMG i agree!!!!! I cannot wait to take the mask off. the most annoying thing is that the powdered mask is on my eyelid...both of my eyelids. I'm not sure why this is.....I've never had any pimples on my eyelids. because of this.....this is super irritating. my eyes are super watery and it's tearing like no other. it's hard to open my eyes. ahhhhhhhhhhhh my dr and his staff have been checking in on me and they all tell me that it will be worth all this crap lol and so that's what keeps me going. =)