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The Recurring Pimple Cluster

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Day 1 With The Monster

Hi all! I'm hoping someone can help me here. I am a 17 year old girl with relatively clear skin (it only gets bad when I succumb to picking). However, I have a recurring problem. Every 2 or 3 months I get a strange cluster of what appears to be pimples. It happened for the first time in late August of 2012... The tip of my nose became red, numb, swollen, and hot. The pores were very pronounced and the skin was almost squishy, as though some kind of liquid was between the outer layer of my skin and the first inner layer. This had never happened to me before so I researched it and found nothing. I iced the tip of my nose, hoping the swelling would go down. I woke up the next morning to see no improvement, if anything the pores had only become even more pronounced. The squishy feeling was still there, and I decided to start squeezing. As soon as I did rockets of clear pus squirted from multiple enlarged pores onto my mirror (graphic I know - sorry!). After it looked like it was done squirting, the skin from the center of the mass was no longer there, and instead there was pinkish flesh that continued to ooze a clearish yellow liquid. As the skin healed, the skin would swell up again with liquid. Ultimately it took about a week for the liquid to go away, and about 3 more days for the skin to heal. In October I saw a cluster in between my eyebrows that looked very similar to what I saw on my nose. The same thing happened when I popped it. Now, in January, I have the cluster on the tip of my nose again, only it covers less area this time and did not swell up as much of my nose as it did the first time (the first time went under my nose a little bit too, to the septum). Has anyone ever seen this before? I tried to get an appointment with my dermatologist but by the time he can see me the cluster will have healed. I have attached a photo of how the cluster looks when covered up with makeup, and intend on posting another one tonight of the cluster without.




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