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Day 25 Side Effects

I just wanted to say that just for one day now i've been following this Regimen and it I did not get anymore white heads over night! I recommend this to the fullest! My face finally can just focus on healing the scars that are there. I just wanted to say today all the side effects that I have received from this pill just to warn everyone new out there if they are going to take Doxycycline Hyclate 100 mg or even a higher dosage. - Right after you take this pill you get very tired - Yesterday I did not take it with enough water and now I have chest pains and it hurts to swallow. I had to take a anti-acid pill. Make sure to drink a LOT of water with this pill -you MUST take this pill with food as well. Forget about the instructions. You will feel like you are going to throw up and start having gagging reflexes if you do not. It's the worst feeling -When I first started taking the pill it made me severely tired but for some reason I couldn't sleep at night until an hour of just laying there - I've been tending to get more irritated more easily now and I think that was due to the lack of sleep and stress that the pill was causing





Doxycycline, Tretinoin Cream, Clindamycin Day 23

Okay! So i'm new to this website. I bestowed upon it the days I was really depressed about my acne about 20 days ago when I started my prescription 23 days ago which is Doxycycline 100mg, taking twice daily (one in the morning one at night). I just wanted to document my journey because I've found everyone else's blogs to be useful for me so I hope to in the future pass on my findings. Routine -Mornings Wash face with Cetaphil -pat face dry - put on clindamycin topical solution Take pill at 11am come home from school and in the evening put on the Hydrocortisone 2.5% like about 6 pm Take pill at 11pm (I know it's kind of a late time but it's the only time I always seem to be awake, yes I take naps during the day after school) -Wash face with cetaphil once again -Pat dry - wait until RIGHT before I go to sleep to put on Tretinoin cream (I've read reviews of how this stuff doesn't like the light and works best in the dark) ***Wash your dang pillow cases*** (just incase you were a noob like me) So. Now i'm on day 23. My first week on these medications was quite a roller coaster. When I went to my dermatologist they put my face under this weird i guess bacteria killing light so after that my skin got so much worse and i started breaking out pretty bad. But after that initial break out I have yet to have it that worse anymore so. My second week my scars were not very visible. During the second week I realized my cystic acne was going away. Which was great! But now in the third week i'm getting white heads like crazy. Everyday I wake up with two new ones so far. and this is where I am right now. I hope to document my journey for any other souls who have to go through the trouble of acne as well. I hope for the best, but only because I have to -__-