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Your Acne-Ality

We all know that one kid in our class. That kid who is so annoying, never shuts up, and is always making stupid noises or something. Add on some acne and people are bound to make fun of them. November 20th, 2012 (I remember the exact date because it was right before Thanksgiving break here in the U. S.) 3rd Period, right before lunch. It was one of those unusually cold days in Florida and my friends Dillon, Bree, and I were on our way to our lockers before going to lunch. We were discussing someone at the time. "Drew is so freaking annoying," said Dillon. "And all that acne on his face," "Yeah, it looks like craters," chimed Bree. I just glanced away. drew annoyed me too, but I also had acne, so i wasn't about to bash him with them. "It's all over his back and chest, too. i have to see that everyday in gym," Dillon continued. "Ummm hmm. That sucks," I said, trying to hint that i didn't want to talk about it anymore. Thankfully, we had to go to spilt up and go to our lockers and it didn't come up again. But, every time we talked about Drew, the first thing that was said about him was acne. Do people say that about me? Or is it gap that is my first flaw? I know how people feel when they see my face, because I've seen some others with bad acne. I sort of inwardly wince and compare their face to mine. My gap can be fixed with braces, but my face will take time and patience. This little incident made me realize something. If you're a generally annoying person or too talkative or simply have a bad personality, and have acne, people will make fun or you for it. The way you act determines how well you can deal with acne around others. I'm a generally humorous person so people don't mind the acne. But, I've seen and heard what happens to the kids who aren't so humorous. So, the main idea of this blog was to either try not to gain a reputation of annoying anyone, because their first taunt will be about your acne. And we all know the long term affects of that.

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