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-Acne Moisturizer That Really Worked For Me And Could Work For You :).

Everyone has different skin.. So I'm going to tell you what my skin is like and then tell you what moisturizer I think is amazing! My skin is always changing starting with spring- my skin is oily pimples often appear summer- dry no pimples autumn- oily lots of pimples and winter- dry with plenty of pimples! but in general I have oily skin that tends to break out a lot and is very sensitive to a lot of products When I was my face and apply benzoyl peroxide and moisturizer it still peels and breaks out, but what I thought showed great results was Philosopy's 'clear days ahead' it moisturized my skin and cleared the pimples a lot. Hope this helps someone out there<3 night!





What Product Is Right For Me?

so I've tried a lot of products because I've had acne for about two years now? i used to use Clearasil products which didn't help my skin whatsoever, I used burts bees which did help a little at the beginning but then stopped working and then during the summer my pimples just disappeared so I only used wipes which were very gentle then all of a sudden my pimples came back, but worse:| so I began to use Neutrogena products that really do work, only a little though then I began to break out again so I guessed the product had stopped working. so I went to my dermatologist and he gave me samples which are really good btw:) message me if you wanna know what they are>(they really helped) he told me to use dove oil free soap stuff?i didn't because I needed oil in my face at this point, I was peeling:( oh and I also tried grapefruit Neutrogena which did kinnda work but made me peel even more and I began to get cuts from..i used antibacterial cream to heal them:) they were like gone the next day..so my skin is like mixed and is never right?does anyone know what products I can use?




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