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Accutane Update

So I haven't written an entry in a while, but I did snap some pictures of my progress. It's day 26 today. My skin has been pretty dry for a week now. I use cetaphil moisturizing creme (in the tub) on my face, and sometimes a thin layer of aquaphor on super dry spots at nighttime. My skin looks sunburnt and I hate that the most out of all of this. I can deal with the dryness (which I actually like because I am an oil slick normally) and I can deal with the initial breakouts too. But the sunburnt look just sucks. Makeup doesn't even really help it as much as I hope it would. My lips are very chapped and I need to have aquaphor on my lips at all times. Other than that, all is well. I had my bloodwork done yesterday, so I will hear back from my doctor if anything is not right. The following are pictures from day 12. I was in the process of my initial breakout, and I was trying hard to keep my head up through it all I found that taking pictures with flash was the best way to show the state of my skin. So don't mind the peach fuzz and other gross stuff lol The following are pictures from day 22. My skin looks a lot better here, and seems to be healing. I still get breakouts, but not as bad as the ones from the initial breakout I will try to update every 10 days or so...or more lol. I tend to put things off. Cheers!




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End Of Week 1 Pic Update

Day 8. Today is the first day I can safely say oil production is going down. My skin is a little more red and feels tight. I use a lot of Cetaphil creme and Aquaphor so my skin doesn't look dry/tight, but it sure feels like it. My scalp/hair is also less greasy, hooray! My lips are quite chapped but not super dry and not cracking yet. I have slightly more breakouts compared to Day 1, but most of them are just old pimples that have become more prominent. My pores also seem to be more visible, and the gunk inside of them is coming to the surface. I get excited for every pill I take; I'm a day closer each time to clear skin.




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Day 5

Took the 5th pill today, and so far no dryness reported. Might be because I have already started dousing my face in cetaphil creme moisturizer and aquaphor on my lips and whatever flakies I have on my face. My skin is starting to become a bit more sensitive now, and I can feel my existing pimples coming to the surface and getting bigger. I have to try SO hard not to touch/pick my face. That has always been a problem for me! So far, no luck with that lol. But I know that I WILL have to stop touching my face once my skin gets uber sensitive and thin. I can also feel the gunk starting to come out of my pores- feels like the surface of a fine sandpaper. Eventually, it will feel like there are grains of sand on my skin. I'm looking forward to that lol, I hate plugged pores. I will update with pictures in 3 days (end of week 1)




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Day 3

This is the first time I am tracking my Accutane progress. Hopefully I can keep up with it! A little about me for starters: Female, 24 years old, 105lbs/48kilos
Taking 40mg daily
Skin is oily oily oily! But sensitive and flaky at the same time
Had acne since I was 11 (very early... I remember this because I was already very self conscious about it and people started commenting on my skin)
Tried all sorts of topicals, antibiotics, BC pills, chemical/microdermabrasion peels, vitamins, diet changes over all these years. Too many things to name.
Been on Accutane 3 times already. Shortest was 2 months (pointless?), longest was 4 or 5 months. This will be the 4th time taking it
My acne has ranged from mild to full blown severe (which resulted in me starting accutane my first time). This also resulted in most of the shallow scars I have on my face. That was the worst my acne has ever been. I've been on birth control pills ever since I started my first accutane course years ago. However, this will be the first time I'm taking accutane without being on birth control pills.. Which also makes me come to believe that the acne I have now is a result of me coming off birth control pills? Perhaps! Since finishing my FIRST accutane treatment, my acne hasn't come nearly as bad. However, it seems to come back within a year each time I finish a course. It's very VERY persistent. I am completely at a loss! I am getting married in less than 8 months and I would love to have clear skin.. I pray that this time will be the last time. I just hate having to do this to my body, but nothing else seems to help. Oh, and I failed to mention that the acne also decided to make home on my chest and back this time around. PS...! I almost forgot.. This is DAY 3 today; so far it's like this: Not much to report since it's still so early in the course. But I'm noticing more pimples around my mouth, and they are a bit painful. There are also a couple on my neck. Skin is still oily. Lips aren't dry or chapped yet. However, I always apply chapstick because I'm addicted lol I bought Aquaphor today just because I heard good things about it, but I haven't used it yet. My chest is all bumpy with plugs and a couple pimples. Not too bad. I have a bunch of big ones on my back. I'm not too worried about my chest and back because I know they will clear with time. And I can always throw a sweater on. Out of sight, out of mind! It's my face I'm more concerned about. Please let me know if you have any comments or questions! Help me on my FINAL (I hope ) journey. I've attached some photos to give an idea of the general state of my skin on DAY 1. Don't mind the ears.. just had some surgery on them a week ago.




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