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Friends With and Without Acne

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Friends With And Without Acne

This happened to me just last week, and I'm sure it's happened to many others. I was sitting in my Pre-Teacher class and we were reading this school approved magazine called Choices. Guess what was on the cover? An EXTREME close up of some kid popping a pimple. I knew that everyone thought of the only girl with acne in that class--ME. I was slightly horrified, but mostly embarrassed. It keeps getting better, though. The person who read the part about acne and popping pimples and such was a guy I liked. Wonderful. When we read these things in science class or when my friends talk about acne, I always try not to look at anyone, or draw any attention to myself because I know they're thinking, "Christelle obviously didn't listen to this advice," or "I'm so glad my acne isn't as bad as Christelle's," THE ENVY: We all know that feeling. That feeling when we glance at our friends sometimes and notice how perfect their skin is, without even trying (my best friend only washes her face once a week, and I wash mine twice, everyday). The envy we feel. Don't try to deny it. I envy all my friends with perfect skin, non-blemished skin. I wish my skin looked like theirs, or theirs like mine so i wasn't the only one suffering. Sometimes, when I'm really anger, I don't wish death upon my enemies. I wish horrid, crating, scarring, cystic acne upon them. I admit I'm ashamed of these feelings, but I feel sort of angry at the world sometimes. Why did I end up with the acne? My younger brother's skin is perfect, but mine isn't? What's up with that? Did my parents run out of acne gene to pass around? I have a baby sister on the way, and I pray that she misses out on the gene also. I don't want her to go through what I do now. As always, comments are welcome and Thank You for reading Also, you can add on to this if you like.

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