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Sever Acne On Cheeks

I have had occasional bumps all the time since I was 18. In high school I had clear skin but now I have really bad acne! There can be several factors that might has caused this. I have moved out, got boyfriend (heavy smoker), ate irregularly, started university, had anxiety and stress issues all when acne started coming which was 3 months ago. It is probably all of this factors that caused my acne to worsen: /. I have tried organic stuff, home remedies with honey, lemon, cinnamon for about 2 months but it didn't work. Therefore, I had enough and went to dermatologist who prescribed me 2.5%bp cream and antibiotics. I also started taking vitamin D thinking that might have been cause of acne because I had clean skin before summer. After months and months of research, suffering from depression (I stopped socialising, I even stopped going uni for a bit) I finally sucked it up and thought my face cannot get any worst from this... it can only get better right? I am not a patient person I will have antibiotics and apply bp for 2 months and after that I am throwing all these face stuff and scratch ma face off! My cheeks are covered with acne its disgusting I do not know how my boyfriend can kiss my cheeks so casually. When he looks at me I feel like he’s looking at my spots and thinking eww! I also apply aspirin on my new inflamed spots and I have noticed that it reduces inflammation dramatically! I just want my face to be clear so I do not feel ugly but I know even after my acne eventually goes I will have acne scars to deal with..