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About this blog

An acne diary blog through the eyes of a self conscious and vain young adult acne sufferer

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Back On The Regimen "2013"

Hello, A little about me first: Gender: Male Age: 24 Acne Since: Teenage Years - Present (2013) First Started Regimen: 2007 Location: United Kingdom Purpose of me Blogging To inspire and motivate others (and myself) that acne can be cured! "It honestly just takes time" From personal experience this does take time and it works! History So I have acne since I can remember in my teenage years, like many of us it has been a real bane of my life - I first discovered acne.org back in 2007, when I had honestly the worst break out ever in my life and was at a real down point in my life. I have been to see the GP on numerous occasions being given a variety of anti biotics and topical solutions, however to no avail - not one worked at all. (I will up date you all with a list of the stuff I have been on) Lifestyle and Eating Before any of you jump to this conclusion, about bad lifestyle and looking into what you eat - stop there. I do eat a balanced life style etc, regular amounts of sleep, drink lots of water, exercise you name it.... One thing that I have come to learn about acne is one thing - yes your life style can help your skin of course! However acne is one of those things that differentiate from person to person...... Historic Problem Areas My most problematic areas have always been the chin, mouth and forehead area - in my teenage years it used to be just a couple here and there, but when I went to university in my first year, that's when all hell broke loose (I doubt, the late nights and alcohol helped, but oh well we live and learn) The types of spots I have had have ranged from: - Cystic Acne (Causing me immense swelling and pain - these were huge not even kidding!) - 2007 - Comedones (Started having these in the beginning of October 2012) - this was the sign of things to come that have brought me to where I am today - Pussy Whiteheads Currently as I am typing this I am suffering from all of these. Bit more history........... May 2007 (acne free for 8 months) Discovering the regimen really gave me hope - when I got back to uni a lot of people were complimenting me on my skin and how clear it was, this really was amazing! However stupidly I believed I could get off the regimen and try to slowly wind off - and sadly my spots came back with a vengeance! Honestly I followed the regimen and was impressed at how it worked - however the initial recovery within the first couple of weeks can be really depressing, as I have had serious dry skin and flaking. July 2008 - August 2011 (not exactly acne free but a few spots here and there) So I came off the regimen again in late 2011 as to see if I had "outgrown my acne" but sadly no. At this point in my life I had graduated from uni and was working - I used a cream recommended from a family friend and had ok skin for 9 months which was nice. Present Day (02.01.2013) This time it was really quite strange how my acne broke out as I had been eating all the right food. It felt like my skin had been bubbling under using this cream recommended to me, and suddenly now it has now gone extreme. To the point that I had extreme acne on: - Chin - Mouth - Cheeks - Forehead I am now* back on the regimen and have been on it for the past couple of days - with severe dry skin and flaking however with no new break outs! Conclusion I don't actually want to publish any pictures at the moment of how severe my acne is but I will definitely publish pictures of myself in two weeks time as an update to show you all how its going and where I have come from to today. In the mean time to all those that are suffering - you are not alone! This stuff works you just have to persevere!




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