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How I cured my acne with less than $30

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I'm Cured

First off, every product or remedy does NOT work for everyone. Everyone has a specific skin type. I'll start by describing my specific skin type, what ALL products I've tried, how long I've struggled with acne and so forth. I am 21 years old just like someone with acne prone skin, I am extremely oily in the summer time and very very dry in the winter time. This particular fall my skin freaked out! I've always had a few pimples here and there, but nothing I couldn't control. This last October I experienced the worst breakout of my life on the right cheek. On a scale from 1-10 it was about a 8 and my left cheek was about a 6. I panicked and went straight to sephora and asked for the highest qualified skin care specialist. I told her I want the best product in the store and I don't care how much it cost. She pointed me in the direction of clinic. I've used clinic before and It worked on the few pimples that I used to have. But in my mind i thought that I needed something stronger since it was worse this time (BOY WAS I WRONG). So she told me to try murad since it had every fighting acne ingredient in it. WORST DECISION EVER. it literally burned my skin and broke me out even more (ill post pictures). Between the retinal, sulfur, salicylic acid, and every other harsh ingredient, my skin hate it and hate me for using it! After one week of hell I stopped. I developed acne cysts that I've NEVER had before. I went to the Doctor to see if I could get an antibiotic for it. (Since cyclic acne can not be treated topically). I began taking bactrim (I had 21 pills and took them twice daily with water). After about 14 pills I started seeing results! I continued to take my antibotic, increased my intake of water (went from 5 glasses a day to 9). I also stopped eating dairy products because they have hormones in them (hormonal acne is on the chin). Ate one organic red acne a day (an apple a day keeps the ACNE away ? apples have pectin in it and after you eat it and use the bathroom you release toxins from you body) and for spot treatment I used 2.5 Benzoyle Peroxide. (Got it from wal mart for $7). I use ultra repair cream which is a great moisturizer for sensitive skin! (Sephora for $16 and it will LAST) it feels so good and smooth when it goes on. I stopped drinking alcohol and staying up late. They don't call it beautify rest for nothing! Sleeping at least 8 hours a night gives time for your skin cell turnover ratio to improve. At night, on pimples right after I wash my face I get an ice cube and rub it on the pimples to reduce redness and swelling. It works wonders! Then after I moisturize and put BP on my pimples over night. The face wash I use it clinic acne foaming cleanser (sephora $14). My acne went from a 7.8 overall to about a 2.1. Which is great progress! I still have the acne scars but I rather live with those than huge pimples! If you guys try my method I encourage you to let your face breathe and stop using whatever you're using to give your skin time to calm down and recover. Switching products immediately can harm your skin.




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