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Accutane Day 119

Happy New Year everybody! Here's to a fresh start of health, happiness and clear skin! Not much change..some of the cyst starting to come to a head. Others just lingering under my skin. Some painful, most not. Can't wait for Accutane to kick in full fledge so I can be myself and happy again! Anyways good luck everyone who's struggling! We will make it and win this battle I am sure of it. Thanks for reading. I'll post some pictures in about a week. Please let me know if there's a difference. Thanks again.





Accutane Day 115

Hello everyone figured i'd start a blog now...i know i'm a little further into my treatment but i'm still breaking out. So i decided i'm going to start a blog to help others and to get some support. As those of you who are like me, acne is a huge struggle in your life. Especially since i'm 28 and never had acne before. It's really taken a toll on my self-esteem. So this is how it's been so far: September 4, 2012: Start 20 mg October: 40 mg November: 60 mg December: 80 mg I believe my derm will keep me on 80 mg for the rest of my course..which he hasn't even told me how long it will last lol Anyways if anyone wants to comment, offer advice, tips, etc. anything at all...I'd really appreciate it. Thank you. Here's some pics... first is from 2 months prior accutane second is now..not as much acne but scarring i guess




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