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Day 8

So today is my 8th day on Accutane (Generic version), and so far I have experienced dry lips not cracked yet but they are quite dry. I also have experienced a little increase in acne, but feel that the worst is just about to happen. I see a bunch of pores that looked clogged under the skin so I expect them to reach the surface soon. What I'm really waiting for is the dryness of my skin to occur soon, and if anyone knows does the chest and Back tend to clear a lot quicker then the face?





Background Info

So I have had acne, very oily skin since about 8th grade and am now in 12th grade my last year of high school. I am now finally on Amnesteem 40mg a day (Generic Accutane). My dermatologist finally prescribed it after being on retin a micro and doxycline for 4 months, then ziana and minocycline for 2 months. I don't know what type of acne severity you would say I have, my acne really was only bad on my forehead with occasional spots throughout the rest of my face. But my face has started breaking out more now and my dermatologist told me I had cystic acne which came at a surprise but it got me on amnesteem so I'll take that out of it. Just thought I keep a blog of my journey on it to make the process go faster and hopefully hear from people with positive story's and useful information to know during it.