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Hey everyone, I have had mild to moderate acne for close to 5 years now I am turning 21 in april and I would really like to have clear skin by then (that has been my birthday wish for the past three years now). I started Claravis about 3 days ago and I am really hoping it works. I hate going out with friends, even though they don't say anything about it I am just bothered by the fact that it is there. None of them have had acne for as long as I've known them either. At school it seems like I am one of the only ones with acne and It's a small school of about 300 kids so I have met just about everyone. I have avoided looking into mirrors. I haven't seen my reflection in over a month because every time I looked in the mirror I got so upset. I know I am kind of lying to myself by doing this but if I can't seem it then I can pretend it isn't there and I feel a little better. Any info on Claravis would be great. My dermatologist told me a lot about it but I feel like doctors tend to talk a lot of stuff up and gloss over details. Thank you.