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The effects of accutane!

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Weeks 2-3

No pimples at all until the last few days.... then BAM a huge one on my chin and 2 by my eye. No more headaches but have had a very sensitive back. Lower back pains when bending over to clean out my car and from lifting heavy objects. I'm in pretty good shape so I'm pretty sure it's from the accutane since I haven't had back pains before. Blurry vision. VERY moody and sad. I cry about everything. My face has only been really dry around my mouth and nose. Overall, my face looks much better. The red marks are starting to clear, but lotion with Vitamin E and C might be attributing to that mostly.





Week One Of Accutane

So it's week one of accutane. Just a little background info: I'm 19, female, and have severe cystic acne that has become unresponsive to other treatments. A little fearful of accutane, but it's a last resort so I'm down! Since I looked up tons of posts about accutane on here to better understand how it affects people, I thought I'd do the same week one: New pimples, infrequent lower back pain, lips are getting chapped, VERY OILY SKIN. Don't know what the oil is about. Thought accutane is supposed to dry you out? Also, constipation. I know now that I need to drink LOTS of water. Hopefully will see better results soon.




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