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started accutane and want to keep a blog on it

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60 Mg

I've done a horrible job of keeping up with this! But I guess that's okay seeing as it's for personal reflection once I've completed my course. Since day 33 I was bumped up yet again to 60 mg a day because my derm realized how stubborn my acne is. Well, no kidding otherwise I wouldn't be on the drug in the first place right?! My skin got reallyyyy bad and I'm not sure if it's due to the fact I messed up my birth control, got bumped up, or whattt, but it was horrible two weeks ago. I mean, I had like three-four cystic things on my right cheek, a cluster of three pimples on my left side of my chin, one on the right side, and my left side of my face (that I coincidentally sleep on) was relatively clear. It was horrible, just as I was starting to look like I was clearing up. HOWEVER, I've read so many stories how people didn't stop actively breaking out till their 4th maybe even 5th month so I'm holding up... Especially since I'm half way through Today my skin is looking better.. Right side has dried up with the exception of these four cysts that just will not go away. Seriously, exfoliating and what not hasn't made an improvement.... And the other stuff is clearing up. Fingers crossed that this is finally everything clearing itself out because I'm over acne and now dealing with pink eye. Yes, at age 22 I woke up with pink eye. Roarrrr.





Day 33?

Sorry for lack of updates! However, not too much change has occurred. I have less cystic pimples which is nice and now my skins mostly pimples that come and go within a few days, blackheads, and closed comedones. My monthly check in went well and I've been bumped up to 40 mg so I'm hoping no extreme breakouts happen or severe side effects... We will see!




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5Th Day Today

So today marks my 5th day of being accutane and it was one of the most difficult scripts to get my hands on ever! But, I got it finally! My derm suggested it my last visit to her in October because I've literally tried EVERYTHING and at 22 years old, I shouldn't be dealing with this still. My skin in highschool was great with occassional pimples which I would take hands down now over my skin. College it was back and forth due to certain birth controls messing with my hormones and within the last six months I had at least three pimples everyday and some cystic flare ups. I'm a chronic picker (I know, I know) and had reached my wits end. After the derm's suggestion, I was almost relieved as well as nervous from all the horror stories which in turn leads me to THIS BLOG! I can already tell a difference in my skin... Much more sensitive and if i try to pop anything, it stays swollen for a really long time and turns superrr red. I'm trying to only pop if necessary, but as I said, chronic picker. So I have the biggest cyst on my right cheek right in my gigantic dimple, pimple by my mouth, and another cyst and a couple pimples on my left side. I'm debating on using pictures in this blog because of how gross I feel, but we will see! I graduate in two weeks so that's less stress on my part so hopefully that works hand in hand with the medicine... Fingers crossed that my IB won't be too bad.