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documenting my experience on accutane from the beginning

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Day 1

Hey guys, I used this site to see people's experiences on accutane, and to help with my decision before beginning it myself, so I decided it'd be a good idea to document my own experience while on it I started getting pimples when I was about 11 and it quickly turned into moderate acne that was VERY annoying, sometimes painful, and has only gotten worse. I've tried all the creams, tetracycline, you name it I've probably used it....and of course, nothing really worked. long story short, I began accutane today (really nervous about it, having heard of all the possible side effects). I'm prescribed 50mg/day, 17 years old my skin is already dry as it always is in winter, so I'm nervous to know how much worse it'll get, im currently using spectrogel as a cleaner and a roche-posay moisturizer, and tons of vaseline for my lips I'll be updating this as I go along, keeping tabs on any changes and symptoms I experience




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