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How I Cured My Acne

WHAT I DID I CURED MY ACNE BY GIVING UP ALL FORMS OF SUGAR. Nothing sweet, including all FRUIT, all DRINKS and all DESSERTS, ever pass my lips. I eat extra vegetables to get my vitamins. I exercise, moderately. I sunbathe. I drink a lot of water, swilling each mouthful to get mouth enzymes into my gut, to convince it that it's eaten. I fast to keep my blood sugar down. I bath with a teacup cup of malt vinegar in the water. I wash my clothes with a detergent measure of malt vinegar in the wash. I breathe through my nose at least twenty times by only pushing my stomach fully out and pulling it fully in, as often as I remember. I sweeten drinks with saccharin. WHY I THINK IT WORKS Acne is caused by yeast type microbes feeding on sugars excreted by the skin's glands. Remove the sugar from the system and the microbes die. Vinegar microbes kill yeast microbes. Fully oxygenating the blood maximises metabolisation of sugars. ADDITIONAL GAINS The enamel on my teeth is in great shape, as there are no sugars to cause tooth decay. I use no deodorant as vinegar also kills body odour microbes. PROBLEMS A persistent shaving rash, which likes an acid skin environment. I treat it with a normal antiseptic cream. Rebuilding my self esteem after years of self loathing......!!!! If this works for you, then TELL SOMEONE ELSE.




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