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seborrheic dermatitis plus moderate acne

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Seborrheic Dermatitits Plus Moderate Acne Plus Super Sensitive Skin

hi. i need your help. i used tretinoin and salycilic acid topicals for 3 yrs and i stopped because i exprience rashes from it. i did a lot of experimenting with the right toner and moisturizer but my face is now very oily yet dehydrated plus very hypereactive to anything. ii went to a homeopath but i only received less results/ my face is now covered with moderate -severe acne and was diagnosed with mild seborrheic dermatitis. i am torn between starting the topical meds ,my dermatologist prescribed. i am scared because i heard antibiotics can make the seb derm worse and i dont know how to get rid of my acne. i am so depressed. plus my husband wants to have a baby., i really dont know what to do. i used to have clear skin but now i dont want to go out anymore. i am always at home searching the web for good treatments. now, i only use cetaphil cleanser but i cant use a moisturizer because every moisturizer that i tried stings my face




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