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Third Month Of Accutane

Well I am a little late on updating my blog, oops! I survived my third month of accutane! Unlike the first two months, this month the acne wasn't getting worse, and towards the end of the month, it was actually getting better. Though I still had a few big cysts on my face, the rest was starting to feel really smooth for the first time in forever! However, the post acne marks have been very bothersome and they are almost as bad looking as the pimples themselves... Side effects for this mont

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Second Month On Accutane

Well I am almost finished with my second month of accutane, day 21, and I thought I would update a little. So I went to the derm and she changed my dosage from 40mg once daily to 30 twice daily(which is kind of annoying because I have to take my anti depressant in the early afternoon, and it's confusing sometimes) It has been really difficult since I started accutane, my acne hasn't improved at all. It got really bad a few weeks ago, and hasn't died down yet.. It's like, I will have a who

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First Month On Accutane

Hello everyone! So I should have started this blog when I first began Accutane,(I am on day 21 today) but I was too nervous to and didn't know whether or not I should. But I think this will be a good way for me to keep track of my progress and hopefully it might be encouraging for others if they decide they want to start Accutane. So if you don't know, "Accutane" is a medication used to treat severe cases of acne that don't respond to other treatments. The real name is Isotretinoin, and t

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A Little History About My Acne

Hello, I would like to write a little bit about my experience with acne and how it has affected me. Acne entered my life when I was 14 years old, that is over 7 years ago, and to this day I haven't had a clear face. I tried Pro-active, Murad, and every over the counter acne product you can think of. I went to doctors and got prescribed anti-biotics, such as Minocycline, and topical creams such as Benzaclin. In the beginning, they worked for my skin and I didn't have AS much acne, but after

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