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Im just over two weeks into my course of Accutane. I've only just started this log because I've been too busy reading other peoples hehe. Anyway, some back ground info. Im 30 years old and have been suffering from moderate acne for 15 years. Sometimes it was managable with the pill or antibiotics, but over the last few years its been getting worse and cystic. Finally my doctor refered me to a dermatologist! So im just over two weeks into it and so far so good. I wouldnt say ive had any more breakouts, infact my spots seem to be drying up quicker. My lips are dry but ive been using Elizabeth Arden 8 hour cream on them and its stopped them from cracking, so far. My skin is normaly extremerly oily, but today when I blotted my face with a oil absorbing sheet I was amazed to see hardly any came off onto the sheet, usually id completely fill the sheet up. I was stunned. My face is matt for the first time in 15 years!! Also ive already noticed the tiny blackheads/blocked pores i have are coming to the surface. I have a lot of blackheads - most are pretty big and they look no different but I think its early days for those deeply blocked pores. Im prepared to be patient. Dose wise, my first two weeks I was on 20mg and after two weeks I went onto 40mg a day and I have a appointment middle of december with the derm so not sure if they will increase it or not. From reading other peoples logs, my dose seems quite low (im 50kg)? I did read though that US derms tend to use a higher dose than UK derms? Just a bit worried I wont get my full dose, really hoping to see the back of acne finally. Thanks for reading




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