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Isotretinoin(accutane): a miracle drug

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Accutane: A Miracle Drug

Since i was 13 i have been suffering from acne. At first i started out with mild acne, posing minimal problems. As the years progressing it started getting worse and worse. When i turned 15, i was posed with cystic nodular acne, which was quite sever. Me and my family spent thousands of dollars on laser treatments, dermabrasion, blue light treatment, etc. None of these worked. When my dermatologist recommended i go on Accutane i was very hesitant. I would then go on countless dietary regimens, hoping that something would change in my facial condition. after 6 months of trying this i gave up. I lost all hope. I began abusing opioid pain killers and various prescription drugs to ease the anxiety, physical and mental pain i was going through caused by my hideous acne. In March of 2012 i decided to go on Accutane. This was one of the best decisions i have made in my entire life. I have dreamt of the day that i would be the one posting on this website sharing my success with fellow acne sufferers, and the day has come. Throughout my 8 months coarse my active acne completely vanished. My sebum glands stopped over producing facial oils and my treatment was a complete success. For any of you who are suffering from acne and are about to give up hope, i STRONGLY suggest that you look into this drug. It saved my life. Anything you hear about the side effects of this drug are either heavily exaggerated, or fabricated. This is because people in the "topical acne treatment" industry do not want the acne sufferer to go on a drug that could potentially cure the person of acne. They want YOU, the consumer to spend money on their treatments, which are far more devastating to the skin than Accutane. Please save yourself from uncertainty and trust me when i tell you that Accutane is worth it.




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