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My experiance with punch excision.

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Results of Punch Excision

It's been over a year since I had my punch excision surgery and several people since then have asked me for my opinion so I thought I would reply to my post for others with similar questions. The short answer is that I am very happy with the results. No noticable scars were left as a result of the procedure. That fact is a very pleasent surprise. It took a week (maybe a week and a half) to return to the doctor to have the stitches removed. During that time I hid away in my room. I must admit I looked pretty horrible with 40+ stitches in my face. My own daughter got creeped out by it. After the stitches were removed it took a couple of weeks before I started feeling less self-contious about the scars which were slowly fading away. There were a couple of "accidents" that happend during the healing process. Word of warning,if you have this procedure done. "SLEEP ON YOUR BACK". The stitches are touchy. If you aggrivate them they may come undone - and when they do the skin might pull apart and you're left with a problem that must be remedied. Either you allow it to heal as best it can or you have it repunched. I highly recommend you don't disturb your stitches so you don't need to worry about this. I took measures to sleep on my back - putting pillows on either side of me; however, somehow i managed to get sideways and it seems two of the 40+ incisions were undone. I immediately called the doctor, he looked things over, restitched one and allowed the other to heal naturally. More than a year after that procedure I can safely say it was a success. The degree of noticable pitting has been dramatically reduced. I am actually considering no more further treatments. Not even the skin resurfacing I discussed in my earlier blog. I am content and happy with the result as-is. Hope this helps someone, Best regards, -Litos




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