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Alternative Treatment

Hi guys, This is my first entry and I am very excited to be joining a group with others that can empathize with how I am feeling. I developed acne my sophomore year of college. For the past year I have been diligently following my treatment plan consisting of 100mg doxy 2x a day, 50mg aldactone, and .1 tret cream. My pores are slightly less clogged but I still have numerous nodule and pustules. (I luckily never developed cysts.) I also wear clinique acne solutions liquid foundation. I loved this foundation for the coverage it provided but I think it has been exacerbating my acne. Recently I went to another dermatologist and he told me that a component of my acne was rosacea and gave me met-gel. I use this in the mornings instead of a moisturizer. It has definitely improved a lot of my redness but my acne is just as present as it was before I began. Due to another health issue I had to stop using my aldactone and doxy. As you can imagine my acne has worsened again (even though it really was never in the first place under control) Specifically I am getting a ton of white heads. Since I can not really use traditional tactics anymore I was wondering if anyone had any success with alternative treatments such as lifestyle changes? I am testing out this idea by adjusting my diet (I will explain exactly what I am doing in the next paragraph) exercising daily, using stress reduction techniques, and changing to a mineral based makeup. I have heard a few times before that dairy and gluten can exacerbate acne and have decided to avoid both types of food for a month to see if it benefits my skin positively. I am curious if other people have tried this. If you have could you comment below and explain your experience and if you reaped any benefits. It seems from some of the other posts that a lot of the people who are struggling with acne are college students under high amounts of stress. As I am biology premed student I can definitely relate to this. When my other condition arose early this fall, I learned that stress maybe caused it and would continue to make it worse. Acne is not the worse thing that can come from mentally abusing your body. Please remember that when ever you are having a rough week at school. Nothing is worth making yourself sick. And whatever it is, you will get through it with or without excess stress. In terms of my makeup change: I really wanted to switch from my thick liquid foundation (clinique acne solutions) to a lighter mineral based foundation. I have tried other mineral foundations before but they did not provide enough coverage. I had read good things about a company called jane iredale so i decided I would give it a shot. They provided free express shipping and I had my new foundation in two days. I just tried it today and am very happy with the coverage (I am using the pressed powder). It covers just as much as my liquid. Since I have not seen the effects on my skin yet I will post again in about two weeks to discuss my findings. I will also update you guys on everything else! Talk to you then! And please post any responses you have!