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I am believer that the most important part about health is what we eat and drink. I love kale and spinach and veggies, but I also love mac and cheese,donuts ,cakes, and fries. Part of me wants to be very healthy and another part of me believes in balance and martinis. When I had acne, I was doing so much research on good supplements and healthy foods, so I  still practice a lot of it. My skin is damaged from acne and I still break out if I skip some of my regime and at the same time now I have to fight wrinkles and sagging. So this is what I take on daily basis:

I start my morning with a shot of Apple Cider and some water
I add a spoon of collagen powder to my coffee
I take 2 pills of Milk Thistle and head to work
At work before lunch I take 1 MSM pill, 2 Vit C and 1 Folic Acid
 In Afternoon I drink a cup of Pure Matcha tea
Through out  the day I drink warm water with a whole lemon







I saw my  old blog entries on this website. I am not sure if I am sad reading them, or I just don't care. Acne  is  the last straw  to whoever has/had self-esteem issues. It does scar you, it does hurt you in many ways yet so many do not get it. Like the way people say that acne is not a big deal, or they say to wash your face when you are agonizing about it during your sleepless nights. I mean, they call a person who burned their face a bit or has a tiny war scar- ugly, or scarred ...yet acne seems to be this thing where you can get rid of it by "washing your face", like it is some  chocolate or icing  on your cheeks.
 It is tough to deal with criticism, looks and embarrassment and shitty advises of "wash your face", "don't touch your face", "what if you just left it alone". And there is this another voice, there is this voice that keeps telling you ," you are selfish-people are dying from cancer, war, hunger but here you are whining about your appearance". Well, this is what I got to say to that voice. Just because my problem seems less important, it does not mean it is. I am the one who decides if it is important or not. And frankly, there is always might be something worse to happen- it is life of poo after all. But never be scared or embarrassed to speak up about things that hurt you. There should be no other reasons, explanations for speaking up about  your pain. If It hurts,  you speak up!  Or  If someone you know is speaking up about hurting -  just listen. Listening is easy, and speaking up is brave. In this world everyone is different  and our problems are different. Make sure you are always heard, and make sure you listen to those who need you.




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