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Acne & it's devastating affect on those that once had perfect skin. I know I'm not alone on this.

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Accutane & Scarring

Hello all! What is your opinion on Accutane and scarring? I've been told by a dermatologist that the Accutane doesn't cause scarring, it just seems like it does because when people eventually take care of their acne, it has already gotten so bad that when it clears up from the Accutane, they chalk it up to the medicine not the fact that their skin couldve been scarred prior to Accutane. He has a good point, but I still don't trust doctors very much. It doesn't help that many of my friends whom have taken Accutane have mild pitting. I have this personal theory that the pitting could come from the Accutane because it dries your skin out so much and pushes blemishes out so quickly that your skins elasticity and melanin eventually give out. Therefore, you're left with scars of different types. Anyway, what do you all think? I'd love some serious opinions, please. They're very much appreciated! Best Regards, Ashleigh

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Have You Ever Asked Yourself "what Did I Do To Deserve Acne Like This?"

I'm not to sure as to where to start. I'll begin by saying that my acne seems as if it began one day when I was washing my face after a workout and as my hands made their way to my jawline, I noticed multiple pustules and cystic like bumps. Initially, I was not alarmed. It's just a phase right?! Ha, if only! As the days went on, they began to get bigger, deeper and more painful. It was like watching a nightmare unfold in front of my own eyes on my face! I even began waking up thinking "I had the most awful dream..." until I made my way to the bathroom to realize that I was simply living the "awful dream." It continued to get worse and it was so crippling, I never ever sympathized with those whom had been suffering with acne. I thought the commercials were entirely melo-dramatic and just ridiculous. I thought those suffering from acne had bad hygiene, bad genetics or were simply too lazy or poor to afford decent products to maintain a facial cleaning regimen. Yes, I know...completely ignorant and somewhat shallow but I was uninformed and had never suffered personally so of course it was easy to make assumptions about something I had never suffered from. Anyway, my acne is still pretty existent. Instead of continuing to be angry and bitter, I'm doing my best to stop socially isolating myself and becoming social again. I've been to the top dermatologists in the city, had my hormones tested, maintained usage of Minocycline pills and Tazorac, Epiduo, Benzaclin, Differin, and Acanya acne creams. And as you're all probably aware from personal experience, the tolerance builds over time and my body/skin has become unresponsive to the multiple pills and creams. I began dressing nicer and pulling out my nice Louis bags to uplift myself but it didn't work. I still looked in the mirror and wanted to put a gun in my mouth (not really, but I'm trying to emphasize my serious frustration.) As time went on, I began evaluating my stress level (college student) and diet. I will say that eliminating dairy has helped but I have a hard time dealing with all the hyperpigmentation that is still present all around my mouth and I will also mention, I'm still breaking out, just not as severe and often as I was. About 2 weeks ago, I visited another dermatologist that was recommended by a dear friend of the family. It was so aggravating going to ANOTHER dermatologist that I knew was going to feed me the same useless, hopeless information as the last one. But my dad being the typical supportive parent, begged me to go, for him he said. So I thought "f*ck it, I have nothing else to lose, my life has already been interrupted and turned upside down by acne, what do I have to lose?!" Right?! Well, long story short, he suggested Accutane, which I am set to go back in for on the 12th of November. I'm very hesitant. Anything that would make a child come out THAT retarded has to be horrible for MY body if that's what it's doing to new life. I also look at my numerous friends and acquaintances that took it and I can't help but cringe and feel saddened by the fact that many of their faces look as if someone tap danced on it (their face) with a pair of football cleats... referring to the pits!! My questions for you all in the acne community is: What are your opinions on Accutane and it's correlation with pit marks on the face? Has anyone else ever felt like they had normal skin until one day it just felt like your world was crumbling as acne slowly began residing on your face....only to continually get worse and worse? If anyone has a personal experience to share, I'd love for you to share it! Anyone else seen improvement after dropping dairy, also? Thanks for reading my blog, I'm new at this so go easy on me. I look forward to your responses and/or suggestions.

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