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Accutane Day 15!

Can't believe I'm already half way through my first month! And I have to say that things haven't been too bad so far The dry lips and skin has definitely hit me though! Halloween night really showed me this haha. I went to sleep with my makeup on and without putting any lip balm on and when I woke up... it was bad! My lips were completey dry and flaky but still stained slightly red from the crazy lipstick I'd worn. Just a word of advice, don't whatever you, try to peel a big chunk of dry s

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Accutane Day 10!

I really fail at this.... haha. As soon as I started accutane I was like 'Woo gonna update everyday!', but then life got in the way. I'm in 6th year so school is very busy for me at the moment but now I have a week off. Yay! Apart from all the study I have to do But anyways, i would say side effects started to kick in around the end of the first week. So far I've experienced: Drier skin: So my skin is definitely not dry yet, but it's noticeably less oily. It's even slightly flaky aroun

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Hi everyone! My name is Sarah and currently I'm on my second day of acctuane ( or roaccutane as I'm taking). Before I starting taking this I did so much research. I think I probably read half of the blogs on this site! And I also watched vlogs on youtube and just about everything. Because i think the best way to find out about this is to read other peoples' personal experiences with it, so I think the more blogs and such out there the better really. I think I've probably suffered with acne

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