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Hi. I'm not good at writing, but here's my attempt at sharing my acne struggle with others. My reason for doing this is for others like me to realize they're not alone, and hopefully, get some support for myself. I won't tell you my name, but you'll learn my story. I'm a 14 year-old girl who lives in Louisiana. Just this past summer, my face, neck, shoulders, chest, and back began to break out. In the beginning I felt this was normal because of puberty and all. As it got worse, I didn't really realize it. My mother began commenting on my face breaking out but I thought nothing of it at first. I will admit I was somewhat neglecting my skin. Then finally one day, I walked into my bathroom and turned on the harshest lights in there. I honestly was horrified to see how bad it truly was. Since then, ive been on a mission to get clear skin. I've tried proactiv and it did no good. Since summer, my skin has gotten progressively worse due to stress and bad eating habits from school starting. It's the biggest burden I've ever had to carry. I have no confidence. I'm put down nearly every week by my mom about it. My peers make snide remarks about it. I can't get a boyfriend or even a friend who is a boy because of it. I haven't made any new friends in high school because of it. One of my teachers even made a remark. I've tried nearly every affordable remedy or solution for my acne and none of it has worked. I desperately want to go to the dermatologist and get it checked out, but my mom is a widowed parent who doesn't have a job at the moment and we have no insurance to go. Wow I cannot believe I'm posting this right now. I've talked to some of my friends about my acne but they don't know how badly it affects me emotionally and physically because they've never gone through it. But more about my acne specifically. It's no longer small blackheads or small bumps. At this point, I have cystic acne and have a new bump every day. I wash my face two e daily with a gentle wash, twice a day use a witchhazel astringent and an occasional new remedy, but nothing is working. They say it has to get worse before it gets better. So here's the beginning of my journey to getting better.

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