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On To Month #2

Hello! I have officially finished my first month of being on accutane! I had my 1 month appointment Friday but haven't been able to get my new prescription yet from my pharmacy so I'll have been off today (Monday) and tomorrow since I'll be at work and can't get it right away :/ Anyway, I have had a good first month considering. I have definitely had more breakouts but its not my acne at its worst thankfully. I'm guessing this is my IB stage in the process. The breakouts are in random place





Day #13

First of all I can't believe it's been 13 days since starting my accutane treatment. I lose track of time lately. Hopefully it stays that way! Anyway an update on my skin. My lips have been dry (not to the point of peeling or cracking or bleeding) but I literally can't go a moment of the day without anything on them. I haven't even tried lanolin yet because my aquaphor has worked so well! Lately my face has definitely been more dry to where it feels like it can't stretch well if that even





Day #5

Well I'm on day 5 of my accutane journey. So far so good! <--- on a side note, anyone else think of peanut butter jelly time? Ok back to the topic at hand. Of course I'm sure there is plenty of dryness and zits coming my way soon with the IB stage and all but I'm definitely not going to complain right now. I did notice this morning that I had a few really small red spots on my face that looked as if they might become zits but so far they haven't potruded from my face! Maybe some jojoba oil w




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Day #2

Hello everyone! Even though it is day numero 2 of my accutane/claravis journey, I thought it'd be nice to give some feedback as to what happens throughout my time on the drug. Not only that, it'd also be nice not to be alone as I'm the only one I know who is on the medication or has taken it before. Not very fun when you see some of the possible side effects. Yuck! Anyway...a little about my never ending battle with these dreadful pimples. I am now 21 years old which now makes my time with




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