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Is Your Inactive Gallbladder Causing Your Acne

If you have read my posts before, you will know that I have been on a quest for a healthier me (which will lead to healthier skin). Here is a recap on what I have been focusing on over the past 4-5 months: 1. Clear up constipation 2. Reduce stress and heal my emotional state 3. Heal colon and stomach (I have/had leaky gut) 4. Strengthen stomach and digestion Step 4 brings me to the gallbladder. I have been taking digestive enzymes for the last 4 months or so. About 3 weeks ago, I ran out and my favorite kind were on backorder. After only 1 week of not using them, my stomach was hurting, my anxiety was back and my acne was slowly making a come back. In addition, the annoying pain on the right side of my back just under my rib cage began acting up again. This pain had been gone for several months, I didn't understand what organ was hurting. I explained my symptoms to my homeopathic doctor and she told me this pain was coming from my gallbladder and that the gallbladder is responsible for working with the liver to create enzymes and bile used for digestion. I began taking my enzymes again (Total Enzymes by Nutri-west) and a supplement for the gallbladder called (Core Level Bile also by Nutri-west) and for full disclosure I am still taking the Chlorophyll tablet in the morning. Within a couple days the pain had subsided, my stomach again felt heavenly and my skin looks awesome. I still get a few small pimples here and there, but they don't even bother me anymore. I try to eat healthy, but I no longer worry about eating wheat or gluten, or sugar. I have my life back and I know it will only get better from here.




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