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We take into account, products, diet, etc... but what about the air?

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My Mom Is The Inspiration For This First Post

My mom always had and still has great skin. She doesn't even look minutely close to her age. No acne, and no scarring. That got me wondering, what is she doing that I may not have been? We eat relatively the same thing, she's not on a special diet, and basically eats food that she's grown up with. She's not a health freak, as she gets her share of junk food as well. Since working a full time job for 3 years, I've been tied to a strict sleeping schedule, sleeping at 11pm, and waking at 7:30am. Same as her. So it really makes me wonder how she can have such fabulous skin. Well, one thing is, she is always surrounded by plants. When I looked into the types of plants that she grew, it turns out they were all NASA's top rated air filtration plants. Filtering out toxins that are all too common in manufacturing these days like: Benzene
mold spores
There are great links you just have to google to find at least 10 plants that are easy to grow and great for air filtration. I've started with the Peace Lily and the Golden Pothos