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Success Story

Hello all! Just like many of you I suffered with acne for many years before I found the right treatment. I tried different acne meds (both OTC and prescription) but nothing helped until last year when I saw a new dermatologist. She prescribed the antibiotic Adoxa. This is not the same as the regualr doxycycline. This is doxycycline monohydrate. After four weeks of using it I started seeing results. After three months of treatment my skin was almost 100% clear. I continued to use gentle skin cleanser, moisturizer and sunscreen. Also continued to use Retin-A. ( Retin-A didn't help before without the Adoxa) After six or 7 months on the Adoxa my doctor cut back my dose. I think I can get off it in a few months. I still get occasional breakout but this is because I'm too tired ( or lazy) to wash my face at night. Try to get the brand name Adoxa if your insurance covers it. You may have a big co-pay since this is a pricey med. But the maker of Adoxa offers a discount card (pay no more than $10 copay) up to a certain amount. Go to their website or ask your dermatologist for a card. If you can't get the brand name the generic works well too. You can take it with a little bit of food to prevent nausea. Wish you all the best. I know it's very frustrating to try different meds and spend so much time and money. I'm also glad I didn't have to use Accutane. Hope this will work for you!!!