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Opinion on Accutane?

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Opinions On Accutane?

I have had acne ever since my early teen years (I am now 19.) I've been to my Dermatologist multiple times and even tried several types of birth control pills. Nothing has worked! I even had my hormone levels tested but everything came back normal. My breakouts are definetly cystic and it's mostly around my chin/jawline and cheek area. It's extremely frustrating because I was on doxycycline for 6 months and it worked wonders, on top of getting fractional laser treatments for my acne and acne scarring. My skin was 98% clear. I stopped taking doxycylcine because I have GI problems already, so my stomach is super sensitive. As far as the laser treatments go, I'm a typical broke college student and unfortunately can't afford to spend thousands of dollars on my skin, although they do work great! I have tried spirno already, but had an absolute TERRIBLE allergic reaction to it...so I think Accutane is the only thing left for me to try. What are you guys' opinion on Accutane?? As miserable as I am with my acne, I am afraid of the side affects. But at this point, i'd do anything for clear skin!

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