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I have had cystic acne on my face since my freshman year of college. The severity fluctuates with my monthly cycles. Unable to go on BC. Aside from oral antibotics (that only kind of worked), nothing over the counter helped my acne. I tried everything. EVERYTHING. I spent money on every over the counter acne treatment. I tried natural stuff to the stuff that makes you feel like your face is going to melt off. Nothing worked. I have been on this site before. One night, after a pity party and crying spell. I decided to try Dan's tips. I followed his guide to treating acne by buying the recommended products at the drug store. I started to see results. After a couple weeks, I decided to order the products from the man himself. I followed the regime to the letter. I even printed out the directions and taped it to my mirror. I wanted to give it every opportunity to work. The first couple weeks were difficult. I have sensitive skin, and I flaked pretty badly. If I tried to wear make up for long periods of time I wanted to scratch my face off. I persevered, and thank God I did! Four months after starting the regime my face is completely clear. That is right. COMPLETELY clear. Most of my acne cleared up the first month or so with my cysts on my chin taking the longest to leave. Now all I am left with are scars, which hopefully will fade with time. I do get an occasional cyst, but it clears up quickly. I hope this helps!