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Annoying Red Marks

Its been four long months, four months of wearing foundation and concealer everyday! four months of not wanting to go anywhere because i was so embarrassed of my skin. The marks are only on my cheeks and around my chin but i can defiantly tell they are fading around my chin and on the sides of my cheeks they are still dark on the middle of my cheek but i don't care i am happy that they are almost gone and i can just feel confident and not trying to hide my face. I really think Proactiv Dark Spot Corrctor and Mederma helped fade these spots faster because before I started using these products my face stayed the same no improvemets. I just started using these fade creams in the middle of July. I am so overjoyed with my results and happy my skin is starting to look good again. People tell me my marks arent even that bad but to me they look so disgusting my boyfriend who has clear skin always tells me not to worry I am beautiful no matter what and he loves me for me and not just my looks thanks to him i think this is what keeps me going on days when i would feel so awful and disgusting about my skin he was always there for me. ADVICE DONT SCRATCH YOUR PIMPLES!!! I never picked i would just scratch them because they would itch. That was the biggest mistake ever!!




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