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I Thought It Couldn't Get Any Worse . .

I just turned 18 but I had acne since I was 11 years old and it was pretty mild. Nothing like the growing up phase and heading into puberty! When I was in middle school I used to get teased a lot because I would pretty much be the only kid with pimples on her face. And it didn't get any better during my freshmen year in highschool. There were people with acne but I felt as though I was the only girl with pretty bad acne. However during my sophmore and junior year it started to clear up. I've tried this home remedy ( a yogurt mask ) and used a benzoyl peroxide treatment. But it started to creep back when senior year started, it wasn't severe though. How naive was I when I stopped using bp, because I thought it wasn't working anymore. Eventually, I got to how I am today this is the worst it's ever been. My face is extremely sensitive, whenever I wash my face zits pop and they start bleeding. . .I started using bp again but it didn't work as well as it did before. I went to the doctors and they just told me to stay on bp and use differin (0.3% only at night) It's only been a week since I used differin and see no results but I know I have to wait longer. I do apply liquid foundation because I can't go to school with the face that I have now but it still can't hide my large bumps. I no longer have any confidence in myself, I try my best to be a little optimistic though. My doctor set me an appointment with a dermatologist so hopefully they will prescribe me something that will work and get me out of this horrible phase of my life.




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