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The Regimen Beginer

It's been 9 days since i started The Regimen from acne.org, on the first 2 days my skin produced more oil than the usual, on 3 day become red, was like i stayed under the sun and i did not use sun protector, well, is day 9 my skin is red and very dry, i started The Regimen because i have a big problem with the nodular acne, i simply hate it. Is very painful and until now i didint know that i had it. I never went to a dermatologist, i started having problems around 19, at that time was really bad, i came to Japan an since then i live here, at that time my acne was bad but the time past and got a little better, i want to go to a dermatologist but i'm having problems with the language, do not speak Japanese well. I found The Regimen and i decided to give it a try. I'm woried with the redness otherwise i'm sticking with the treatment!! i just want to know if this redness is normal!!!!

Maria Chetraru

Maria Chetraru


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