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8Th Day

Ughhhh okay, I'm only a week into this and I am experiencing an initial breakout. I noticed it more today than anything. it's weird b/c spiro is suppose to decrease oil but I'm a greasy mess. I just blotted my face with 2 oil blotting sheets. I have a bunch of little red pimples on my cheek. My face looks bumpy and gross. FML. I feel so ugly right now.





3Rd Day On Spiro

Nothing really new to write down today. I heard with sprio that you can get an initial breakout but I haven't experienced anything yet. I did have a few bumps and clogged pores but they went away with some sulfur cream. Anywho... I'll keep you guys updated.





2Nd Day On Spiro

Okay, so my doc prescribed me sprio 100mg to take a once a day. I am on my second day now and haven't had any side effects yet. I was really tired yesterday, but I'm thinking it was due to lack of sleep and a horrible job interview, so I won't blame it on the pill. Anywho, my derm said not to expect results on this for at least I've been on it a for a few months... I'm hoping I will not get an initital break out a little bit about me.... 2 years ago I was on accutane 40 mg once a day. I frikin loved accutane. It made my skin so clear and beautiful. Somedays I would skip taking a pill because it looked great (even though you are not suppose to do that) Anywho... since earlier this year, starting in Feb or March, I have been getting painful whiteheads. Probably cysts. I dunno, never really had cysts before. And they are so ugly, inflamed, and red. Just looking at myself, I'd want to cry. So, every month since then I've been getting whiteheads like that, and what has really been bothering me has been the scarring! I am very pale, so my face develops hyperpigmentation easily. So last week I went to my dermatologist and was terrified to ask him if I could be on accutane again. My acne is not severe but moderate/persistent. He suggest I could try accutane but he felt that my acne is hormonal, so spiro would work best for me since I have hormonal acne. He also said with spiro I would get less side effects and I could basically be on it long term (until I wanted to get pregnant). A part of me wanted to try accutane again, because I got amazing results, but in my experience accutane hasn't been a permanent fix for hormonal acne. I have also read great things about spiro so I am crossing my fingers that it will clear me up. OH, btw. I am 24 and have been dealing with acne since I was 11 or 12. BOOOO