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The Newbie

Hi...my name is....and im the NEWBIE I've wondered for a long time if people on "blogs' or "youtube" ever really impact society in ways that truely benifit them in every possible positive way that there could be. Im not going to say that i've never watched a single youtube video or have never read a makeup forum before but i have had my fair share of acne websites. I want what i have to say to be 100% true and encouraging in any way that i can make it. I dont suffer from the stereo typical stigma of "horrible acne" but i do suffer from the mental and pysical strain that it brings along with it. I want my "blog" to share my past, present and future struggles with acne. I want my information to hopefully benifit someone from making a mistake and gaining an incredible find. So here is my first entry to my blog... I have decided after many many MAANNYY hours of thoughts and decision making, that i am going to try the 3 step system by the obvious acne.org. I have doubts like probably anyone else first trying something out for the first time. I want this to work...i need this to work. I will be writing on here every single chance i get to update anyone interested in reading how the progress is going. I have such high hopes for this its not even funny...well.. it kind of is lol. what else can we do but laugh! Besides my progress with this system, i will be writing about my experiences with other "acne face washes" and my thoughts about what they "claim to do" and what they REALLY do. past, present and future.. we learn from them all. comment, follow and stay tuned




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