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Need Advice!

this is my first blog/post on this site so sorry in advance if im doing it wrong haha, but i would really appreciate some help here! I have had acne for about 4-5 years, ever since i started puberty (im 18 now), and for the past two years it has more or less localized to my jawline as well as the sides of my chin/lower face. I have a history of having MRSA, i only got one infection on my knee from a locker room, and i was prescribed bactrim ds. Several months later, i had some type of boil on my face (not at all a normal pimple), so the doctor prescribed me SMZ/TMP DS. It not only cleared up the boil, but took care of my acne entirely. For the first time in years, i didn't have a single pimple for the full week of my prescription. I'm wondering if smz/tmp ds is a common prescription for acne or if anyone has any experience taking this medication for it. I would love to take that medication again for my acne condition this time, but i fear that I will gain too much of a tolerance to the drug and it wont work for a MRSA infection if i get one again. Please reply!!! Thanks a bunch




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