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The acne curse: my journey

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Rooibos Tea: It Saved Me

It had been sitting on our tea shelves for about a year. The same amount of time I've been tirelessly searching for the Holy Grail for acne. Yet, I've only just discovered it. THIS STUFF IS IT! Well, for me anyway. I have moderate acne, and I know everyone's unique, but it's done so much for me I just had to share. I have about 8 cups a day (I re use the tea bag twice), though it does make you a little sleepy (but not overly), so it's best sipped in the afternoon & night. I used to get a new breakout every other day or so, and within the two weeks I've been drinking Rooibos tea, I've only had 5 new pimples. However, that is including (for the girls), my period coming which always induces a whole lot of unwelcome spots. Everyone is commenting how clear my skin is, and I'm now getting to the point where I can feel comfortable without wearing makeup (non-comedogenic of course). I can't recommend this stuff enough. It's naturally caffeine free & has so many other health benefits (inc. calcium which I need as I do not consume dairy due to my acne) Nelle-




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