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The Toothpaste To Cure An Acne

Undangerous deseases but it always anoye us and want to omite it, an acne is a small desease that usually appear on our face, either thechildren, teenager or even an adult, for the ladies, an acne is disguested thing, besides it disturb, they will feel unconfortable and have no confidance to exist in front of the public. There are so many ways to omit the acne, one of them is by using toothpaste for acne. The function of toothpaste is to keep our tooth with, clean and healt. But there many people use toothpaste to cure and omit the acne, the question is, can toothpaste remove the acne ? Actually it needs further research, however, the contain of toothpaste can dry the acne on the face. Being slender from typeF, only lubricate litle toothpaste on the top of the acne the acne will get smaller then get dry in a night, it caused the toothpaste contain triclosan, one of the antibiotic that can reduce the desease in the mouth. The antibiotic is not only to keep our mouth healt, it also offer to decrease and omit the acne. But, you have to know that there is research stated that triclosan is useful for the acne. Before lubricating the toothpaste on the face, you have to know the effect, the alcohol that efective to dry the oil can caused our skin dry. So if you have dry skin type, it’s better for you not to use this treatment, the contain of toothpaste also can make our face iritation and the acne worse, beside that you will feel your skin burned after lubricating it. Patrice Hyde, the head device of Anak Dupon Alfred hospital, suggested that it’s better not to use toothpaste to cure the acne, he mentioned the risk of the irritation is not as reasonable as the result. The tooth paste become the last alternative to omit the acne, if you do not find the solution to under take the acne in one night. One you have to remember, do not lubricate the toothpaste too much, it’s enough for you to lubricate a litle toothpaste on it, not all your face.




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The Way To Cure The Acne Naturally

An acne is a condition where the pore stopped up so it caused suppuration pocket. Commonly the acne attack the face, but it can also attack the part of the body, like neck, arm. chess, event the hip. The solution to cure it is very important do not do of any kind, like rounding up, crush the acne, or let it dry naturally, then take out the content of the acne after being dry, there are many ways to cure the acne naturally, like using lemon juice for acne scars, tooth paste, carbonated beverage, the white of the egg, and others. These are the common tips to cure the acne naturally and traditionally, 1. Citrus fruit and rose water. Citrus fruit and the kids contain citrit acid, and it is very useful to change the death cell which caused the acne, the way is by mixing lemon juice for acne scars and rose water and wipe it on your face during 10/15 minutes, after that you must rinse your face with warm water, you must do the therapy during 15 days and consistently, then you will see the great result. 2. Egg white Break the egg and take the egg white, then, shake the egg white and wipe in your face about 15 minutes, the egg white will help to illness the oil on the face that usually caused the acne. 3. Toothpaste To cure the acne with toothpaste, one thing you have to remember, you must choose the toothpaste that in the form of paste not gel, the way is almost the same as both above, wipe the toothpaste about the acne before sleeping, let it one night or until the morning, then rinse it in the morning with clean water. 4. Tomato Besides this fruit is good for eyes health, it is also effective to omit the blackheads, the first you have to do is cutting tomato into two slice then spread it to the acne and let it for 15minutes up to 1 hour, then rinse and eat the tomato to cure from the inside. 5. aloe vera Announcement ! don’t use the real crocodile tongue, Take an aloe vera and cut it into many slices, after that get peeled of the peel, then spread it to the acne on your face, do it regularly every morning and afternoon, if you are patient, the acne could be dry and fall in 3 days, the also evera also good to omit the print of the acne. 6. Onion There are 2 options to cure the acne First, crush about two slice of onion till it get soft. Then spread it on the acne, let it for 10 minutes then rinse it, the second, eat the onion one or two slice every day Many people said that this way is effective , but, for the one who do not like the smell of the onion, it’s better for you to find another way, don’t worry there still many ways that I explain below. 7. Always clean the face, Keep your face cleaning everyday from the dirt, if we always get the street and get dirt, so always clean your face before or after doing the activities. As the consumtion from the inside, eat the vegetables as many as possible and drink pure water, you can also eat the fruits that contain more water to keep your face from inside, because the contain of the vegetables and the fruits can make our face clean and shiny.