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Time To Zinc Up!

Well firstly, Hi! I just joined Acne.org a little while ago, and I've been loving it! I have a very sensitive skin (eczema) and it's been great to finally find a bunch of gentle and natural ways to treat my acne and on top of that it's helped me to realize that there's still a lot of options out there and I shouldn't give up yet in my battle of fighting pimples! So earlier today, I bought some zinc today due to the reviews I read HERE and I've gotta tell you, I'm sooo super dooper excited! I know about 2 years ago I had a Zinc deficency, so this might just be what I need!.. It's been quite hard for me to find ways to treat my acne due to my eczema not allowing my harsh chemicals, and my stomach problems not allowing me to take any form of antibiotics for it. So natural it is, and hopefully natural will end up working I'll keep you guys updated about how things go with the zinc!




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