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About this blog

This blog will be my entries of my progress through the regimen kit. I don't know how severe my acne is, but it's bad enough for me to be self-conscious around people.

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Weeks After Use (Mixed Feelings)

So I've been using the kit for some weeks now. Since around the end of July. It's now August 17th. I am running low on cleanser, but I seem to be fine with the moisturizer and treatment. I've had some days where my face gets incredibly dry and flaky, and days where I think it'll clear up and everything will be fine. Right now, I'm not flaky at all, but my face doesn't look any better at all, honestly. I have three red ones on my cheek (which is actually incredibly rare since I've been getting most of my acne on my jawline now) and a lot of marks from past acne. I've become obsessed with looking in the mirror seriously every hour to marvel at how crap my face looks. I know I probably don't have it terrible but the marks from past acne is what is making me insecure. I think I'm going to order the Plus Kit or whatever, or maybe just some more cleanser, and start using the AHA, as well as some Jojoba. I do wonder though if the moisturizer is what is making me break out, because I have incredibly oily skin to begin with. I've also been using Top Care aloe vera gel, which seems to take a lot of the sting and irritation away, but that could also be what breaks me out. If anyone knows, feel free to comment. As always, here are photos of progress although it's not much.

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Day Two! (Not Good)

First initial reactions when I got it yesterday were awesome. It felt great going on and didn't dry my face out. I put it on in the afternoon since that's when it came, and then rewashed at like 8 at night. Felt okay, and went to bed. Here's where it went bad. I woke up plenty of time last night and was scratching at my face constantly. Then at some point, I just adjusted and passed out. When I woke up, I went into the bathroom to find my face was completely red, and my eyes were a bit puffy. I'm thinking it's because I used it two times in like 5 or 6 hours, instead of the 10-12 hour frame. Also, the second time, I put on a looooot of BP, which probably didn't help, and most likely got it under my eyes, which was foolish as well. Now my face hurts, and I constantly have the temptation to itch it, so I think I'm going home to wash it all off, and possibly wait a day to start up again, this time, a lot smarter, and lot smaller. I hope I'm not really allergic to it, because the first time it went on fine, and I can start to see my skin clear up a little bit. Also, the moisturizer softens my skin really nicely. I'll update once most likely tonight or tomorrow if it's better without any thing on. Then try again tomorrow morning, and follow the correct time frame, while only getting my jawline.

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Tomorrow Is The Day!

Tomorrow I do believe I am getting my kit in the mail. I have been using clean and clear foaming facial for months now, and it's worked when I was using other recommended products during my last regimen, but I got lazy and stopped. My face is probably at the peak of it's acne attacks, and I just recently had a major breakout. I had it pretty bad on my cheeks for a while, and that left some scarring cause I would pick and pop constantly. I have since stopped that, thankfully, and my scars are fading a bit. But now, I have tons of big pimples and whiteheads coming in all over my jawline, and I'm assuming it's because my face is irritated from shaving. I will probably get a less irritating razor, and drop the Nivea shaving cream I am currently using. Here are photos of my face currently. I will post another entry after a week on the regimen. Wish me luck!

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