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Weeks After Use (Mixed Feelings)

So I've been using the kit for some weeks now. Since around the end of July. It's now August 17th. I am running low on cleanser, but I seem to be fine with the moisturizer and treatment. I've had some days where my face gets incredibly dry and flaky, and days where I think it'll clear up and everything will be fine. Right now, I'm not flaky at all, but my face doesn't look any better at all, honestly. I have three red ones on my cheek (which is actually incredibly rare since I've been getting mo

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Day Two! (Not Good)

First initial reactions when I got it yesterday were awesome. It felt great going on and didn't dry my face out. I put it on in the afternoon since that's when it came, and then rewashed at like 8 at night. Felt okay, and went to bed. Here's where it went bad. I woke up plenty of time last night and was scratching at my face constantly. Then at some point, I just adjusted and passed out. When I woke up, I went into the bathroom to find my face was completely red, and my eyes were a bit puffy. I'

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Tomorrow Is The Day!

Tomorrow I do believe I am getting my kit in the mail. I have been using clean and clear foaming facial for months now, and it's worked when I was using other recommended products during my last regimen, but I got lazy and stopped. My face is probably at the peak of it's acne attacks, and I just recently had a major breakout. I had it pretty bad on my cheeks for a while, and that left some scarring cause I would pick and pop constantly. I have since stopped that, thankfully, and my scars are fad

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