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July 17, 2012

my acne goes all the way back to middle school. i am a 20 year old male who has tried everything from proactive to medications from a dermotologist. nothing seemed to make my acne go away. from middle school to 11th grade i suffered from severe acne with very oily skin. so oily it was like touching a grease pan after frying chicken. during that time i used almost every product on the shelfs. from the cheap stuff to products costing 50-60 dollars. during this whole time i was embarrased and could not look people in the eye because i could see them staring t my acne. i still to this day have problems doing this. anyways my dermontoligist put me on a antibiotic called minocycline taken orally, cetaphil for washes and moisturizes and benzaclin and tazorac for perscription medicine. this did improve my skin my severe acne turned to moderate and its stayed the same ever since. i was on that regime for almost 2 years when i got off to try mary kays acne kit. boy did that make my skin feel great! smooth improved acne and at one point had no zits. i was so happy. but it seems like my skin addapted to that product because its been almost a year and im still getting new pimples daily. there is many things that i think it could be. i eat fruits and veggies more, and eliminated dairy from my diet. now im trying to steam my face and apply more over the counter medicines. right now i am going to use st ives aprocot scrub 4 times a week, neutrogena deep cleanser daily, seabreeze astringent and finally a lightweight moisturizer. i hope this improves acne. im getting tired of worrying about this all the time.




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