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To Accutane, Or Not To Accutane?

Hey Everyone! I have been looking at this site for a while now and reading a few of your blogs which has helped me a lot, but now I thought I would make my own and ask for some advice! OK so i am 23 year old female and live in the UK. i have never ever had a problem with my skin through my teens i was so lucky and never took it for granted. About a year ago, this all changed and i started breaking out with at the beginning just the odd spot, which increased and now i would say i have mild acne. I at first went to see my GP (who was pretty useless) and prescribed my Panoxyl (BP) topical cream, ofcourse this did nothing but irritate my skin, so I went back and was prescribed Differin, this also did nothing!! Things i have tried since then include, changing my birth control pill from Microgynon to Yasmin, changing my diet and cutting out most Dairy, and also lymecycline an oral antibiotic- all of which have done nothing to help. another problem for me is that every spot I seem to get leaves a horrible red mark which seems to take forever to fade, and sometimes leaves bumps. As i never had any problems with my skin growing up- this is kind of all new to me-even though it has been a year which has been HELL I can't imagine going on like this and really want it sorted now!!! so what i'm asking really is do you guys think my case sounds bad enough to give Accutane a go? I have been to see a private dermatologist- he was the one that prescribed me the antibiotics and he actually offered me accutane there and then , I think this was more because I paid to go private, and when you pay you really do get what you want!I only paid to see him as the NHS waiting list was too long!! i didnt take Accutane as I have heard a lot of horror stories and I really thought I should try another option first-which didn't work! any help would be greatly appreciated, and sorry no pics at the moment, as i don't have a camera other than my phone! thanks so much




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