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Sulfur- The Miracle Worker?

So last night I was so distraught with my face (I've had a bad blackhead/mila breakout due to too much scrubing and irritating my skin. ) that I skipped my normal nightly dose of Epiduo and instead went old school. By old school, I mean what I did before seeing a dermatologist and getting on my topicals and pills. Anyways, I use Proactive's sulfur mask stuff as spot treatments on every single spot on my face...every one. I am so glad my house didn't catch on fire or anything in the night, bec




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Hello All!

Hello all! I decided to start this blog because I am CONSTANTLY on my computer always googling the latest thing that I have heard/read/thought about acne and how to control it or get rid of it. I thought it would be helpful to other people too if I gave all of my information about what I’ve found and tried, as well as a more emotional aspect to having acne. I have found very little people actually like to open up to how acne affects their day to day life, but I know that I’m not alone, and you a




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