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About this blog

I am just talking about my face and the things I discover that work or don't.

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Well, It Has Come To This...

Ah yes, I remember the month I had when I was acne free for a while. I was proud of my face and how far it has come. I felt confident and able to look at acneless people like I had never been an acne sufferer. But, those days came and went quite quickly. Too quickly. I messed up my birth control a month ago and many was my face FREAKING OUT! Cysts popped up like no other! I was like ! My poor chin never had a chance. Other pimples enjoyed their visit on my cheeks as well as my poor forehead. They enjoyed it so much that they left me little presents. Presents and in acne scars. YIPPY! Not... But at least this Apple Cider Vinegar I drink has helped. The acne is smaller and seems to go away quicker. Also, the vitamins I take are a huge help as well (Vit C [500mg], Vit E [400mg], and a multi vitamin [Nature Made Multi for her]). And today I learned that my new pack of birth control will be here late. Yup, I get to screw up another pack and get to breakout some more. Ugh. Fanfreakintastic.




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